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How to get promoted, in record time

How to get promoted to the C-suite in record time eBook

You’ve set your sights on the C-Suite but don’t know how to get there? Looking for simple and easy to use strategies that will put you a head above your competition and give you the edge you are looking for in your career? Need a workable guide to follow? This is it.

Competition to the top is steep and vicious, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

For the first 8 years of my career, I was learning and growing but I was unsure what I really wanted to do.

Then it finally dawned on me that I wanted to be the Chief Financial Officer of a stock market listed company.

I had picked my destination but I needed game plan to get me there. How could I get promoted to the C-suite fast? I was looking for techniques that I knew would work to get me to my destination in record time and help me beat out the competition.

5 years later I was the CFO of a 1 billion $ market capitalisation company with 15.000 employees.

How did I do it?

Let me share with you the easy steps and strategies I learnt and then put in place to get promoted to the C-suite. We’re talking about 100 of hours of pouring over all types of materials and books, plus reaching out to people that had already made it to get their strategies, all summarized into a workable game-plan.

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Don’t miss your chance.


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