• rockstar life simple how to become

    Are you living a Rockstar life?

    When I was growing up I studied art and literature at school. I wrote poetry and I devoured book after book, after book. I dreamed of being a writer. I dreamed of telling people stories. Telling them my stories. Those…

  • plastic waste ruined paradise bali

    Plastic Bali or how we ruined paradise

    A few months ago, I had a conversation with my 7-year old son about Plastic Waste and recycling. Check it out here: Conversations with my son – Plastic Waste. We talked about how much plastic waste enters our ocean every…

  • passion of early retirement

    The passion of Early Retirement

    I was reading an article on Marketwatch this morning. It was a reprint of a blog post by Steve from ThinkSaveRetire on debunking the popular myths about early retirement. Steve and his wife retired when they were 35 years old…

  • Life

    The New Normal

    This year, already mid-way through, has turned out to be something for the record books for Europe. I wonder how we will look back at 2016 a few years from now? Is this the start of the “new normal” or…

  • Life

    Is France burning?

      You’d probably answer yes, if you’ve been looking at the news or following events in France over the last few months, but is it really the case? At the moment France is burning. That’s how the media are largely portraying…

  • Life

    Early retirement

        I hesitated for a week before finally posting this. Is it normal for a blog on the musings of a CFO to include a section on retiring early? The more I thought about it the more I concluded…