About me

I’m a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a public (stock exchange listed) company in Europe.

I reached that role at the age of 38, making me the youngest CFO in the company’s history.

I was determined to reach that role and single-mindedly pursued it while learning amazingly powerful, things along the way, about getting promoted and managing world-class teams. I’ve managed my company through refinancings, recapitalisations, expansions, hostile take over bids, friendly take over bids and new ventures while starting a family and building a solid high seven figure investment portfolio.

With my wife and 2 young boys, we love exploring the world and I love sharing what I have learnt in my career and also about what we can do to make the world a better place for future generations. I’m passionate about eliminating plastic waste and have another site where I explore that called Tackle Plastic (http://www.tackleplastic.com).



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