Changes – recent and to come

You may have noticed that the domain name and header image have changed. This is all part of the exploration and changes I am learning through as I operate this blog. I’m not fully there yet as I don’t spend a lot of time on this blog given my work committments and so I’m learning bit by bit.

I have been wondering if everyone knows what a CFO is?

And finally after speaking to several people I realised it wasn’t as obvious as that.

Everyone pretty much knows what a CEO is and what a CEO does but the CFO? We usually operate a bit behind the scenes, guiding the CEO and corporate strategy. That’s probably why people don’t always spontaneously know what we do.

So that lead me to question the title to this blog. Am I confessing or telling the secrets behind my job or are my subjects broader ?

As I have been having fun sharing my career insights on this blog, I have also been writing about investing, discussions about life and other things I have with my son and other subjects around money.

Even the subjects are organised into distinct categories.

So upon reflection I didn’t think the name Confessions of a CFO was appropriate anymore.

So, why Chief Money Man?

However I am still a CFO and so I wanted to retain that notion.

One of my friends, when asking what I did one day said “oh you’re like the Chief Money Man for your company”. I smiled and nodded. It stuck with me and so I have decided to try rebrand this blog along those lines.

I am still trying new things. I will do my best to see that they don’t become too annoying or hard to follow.

Continue reading and hope you enjoy my insights.


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